Billy Talent Afraid Of Heights Tour

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     The stage is empty except for a couple of people tuning guitars and checking microphones, the venue is abuzz with a mix of the background music playing through the speakers and the sound of people lining up on the gate that separates the stage from the pit. All of a sudden the stagehands clear the stage, the music stops in the background and the lights dim. This is what I live for... those few moments of dead silence. Pure energy pulsing through me as I get my cameras ready to fire. All of a sudden the lights flash, the amplifiers squeal with the sound of guitars and the crowd roars behind me as the band comes on stage, the only thing separating me from the band is the wall of speakers and the security guards lined up like soldiers in the pit. Everything after that is a blur, as all of the concert photographers share the same trenches firing our cameras like M-16's trying to capture the perfect angle. There is no better feeling in the world than those moments in the pit, albeit short as usually we only get the first 3 songs to shoot. Then the war is over and we are ushered out of the battlefield and scatter in the crowd to enjoy the rest of the show. 

     Last Tuesday I got to experience this 3 times, with 3 bands playing. The Dirty Nil, Monster Truck and Billy Talent. 

     The Dirty Nil was the first band, Luke Bentham on lead chewing bubble gum and ripping out tunes on his guitar with a high powered voice that echoes all through the venue. With David Nardi (Bass) and Kyle Fisher (drums), this band was the perfect act to warm up the audience and set the mood.


The Dirty NilLuke Bentham Luke Bentham

David Nardi Kyle Fisher

     Monster Truck came onstage like they owned the place, long hair, beards, tatoos and no shirt on playing their signature song "nobody gonna tell me how to live" as one of their first 3. 


Monster Truck Monster Truck

Monster Truck

     And then Billy Talent; the non-stop energizer bunny. the whole set was electric. If you have never seen this guy live, you owe it to yourself to go. 

Billy Talent Billy Talent

Billy Talent

    This concert supported 2 Canadian charities; Musicounts suports schools with musical instruments and F.U.M.S, that supports Canadian youth affected my Multiple Sclerosis. 

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