100th Meridian (tribute to the Tragically Hip)

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I first met 100th Meridian back at the end of November last year when the came through Lloydminster and was really impressed with the sound of the band and how close Rob McCarthy sounds to Gordon Downie. As a teen growing up in the 80's, the Hip was a big part of my music genre and really related to the unique vocals and sound of the band. 

 100th Meridian is a band from Saskatoon with Rob McCarthy on Vocals, Jack Miller and Chris Grant on Vocals and Guitar, Trevor Hay on Bass and Benjamin Wanner on Drums. If you are ever in Saskatoon, you must check out them Live usually playing at places like Buds on Broadway. Check out their website at www.the100thmeridian.com  

Here is some Photos and a Video I put together when they came back in to Lloydmintster on July 1. 


100th Meridian 100th Meridian

100th Meridian


And here's a Video montage i put together that highlights some of the music from July 1 when they came in to play at the Bluenose Bar in Lloydminster:


100th Meridian live

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