I started my journey into Photography on a trip to Jasper, Alberta with my family back in 2014. My first love was capturing the landscape of the mountains and lakes to make the viewer imagine they were there with me. 

The next summer I was asked to take pictures of an event with the Canadian Cancer Society. It was there that I connected with a couple of people who led me down the path of capturing emotions on a stage. It was there that I discovered my true passion, to tell the story with available light. 

My goal when you look at my photos is to take you there with me, so you can feel the emotion of the moment without actually going. 

When you hire me as your Photographer or Videographer, my goal is for you to look back on the event and have my pictures/videos take you back in time and relive the moment. 

 Connect with me on social media at  http://www.facebook.com/forgesphotography